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Creative Composite Solutions

Low Cost Housing

In many areas, low cost housing is a great way to stimulate a community and give people a chance at home ownership. With the CCS FibraWall bulding system, we can provide a high quality low cost home that has the same properties as our high end residential units but at a fraction of the price. The CCS guarantee: We will build homes faster, more sustainable, and most importantly more cost effective!

The CCS Advantage:
  • Save construction and material costs
  • Expensive finishing such as drywall is eliminated for a finished product
  • Cut construction time by 60%, FibraWall system is simple
  • Build 100 families homes in the time it would take to build 10-20 with wood or masonry
  • Housing can be mass produced and is site built
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Large reductions in HVAC load and utility costs
  • Astectically and architectually pleasing designs