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Creative Composite Solutions


In humanitarian relief efforts, our mission is simple: Construct the most efficient buildings in the least amount of time while employing all local untrained labor, putting the community back to work for their country. As disaster stricken communities battle with issues related to housing and hospitals, implimentation of FibraWall will speed up the recovery process and create buildings that will withstand the elements of nature for many years to come.

The CCS Advantage:
  • Start to finish construction time can be cut by 60% or more
  • FibraWall system is very simple to construct.
  • Has extremely high versatility and workability in the field
  • 90% of material located locally.
  • Site built or panelized
  • Use of local unskilled labor
  • Hurricane and earthquake resistant shelters.
  • Will withstand the elements of nature in the event of another natural disaster