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Creative Composite Solutions


Recently demonstrated at an EXFOB for the U.S. Marine Corp, in Quantico VA. Our light weight composite panels provide an energy efficient mobile housing alternative to the current Barracks, Mobile Command and Forward Operating Bases being used in military operations. Prefabricated composite panels arrive in containers to the site and are erected in hours locking together. The floors, walls, and roof sections connect in the same fashion with minimal tools. This system provides superior shelter to the tents being used currently and a large HVAC load reduction. This mobile technology is a solution for troop housing and other military applications.

The CCS Advantage:
  • Strength and Rigidity in a mobile shelter
  • Reduced HVAC use
  • Sustainable Materials 100% Recyclable
  • Superior Protection from the natural elementss
  • Protection from Hostile environment
  • Individual panels have electrical components built in and ready for use
  • Mobile barracks can be built, taken down, moved and reassembled
  • Flat pack pallet system fits in 40ft container
  • Large reductions in fuel consumption for a mobile command or Forward Operating Base