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Use of our technology permits fast and efficient building using raw local materials, allowing our system to be easily implemented in any region of the world. Our technology is comprised of a two-part system; high density expanded polystyrene (EPS), used as the core of the structure, and our proprietary blended fibrous concrete composite, FibraWall. Using the high-density polystyrene provides ease, high speed construction, and virtually no design limitation. This method of framework creates exceptionally high insulation values when coated with our composite FibraWall, resulting in dramatic levels of energy efficiency for the life of the structure. Development of FibraWall exceeds the structural capabilities of typical construction therefore eliminating the need for wood, steel and masonry in our structures. This composite is sprayed and coated on the interior and exterior of the shell creating a monolithic load bearing structural wall, floor, and roof system. FibraWall provides superior resistance to moisture, pests and long term weather effects. These attributes outclass and outperform all traditional construction methods and materials, therefore revolutionizing the future of sustainable construction.